Light Years

2023, PRCD50, release date 1 December 2023

Vinyl, PRVIN76, now available. Release date 1 December 2023

Light Years – Kate Rusby’s 7th Christmas album

The season hasn’t started until a Rusby Christmas album has been aired. Light Years resounds with popular classics, Rusbyfied traditional carols, original tracks and a collaborative coup with Alison Krauss. For Kate, Christmas has been a special time since singing carols in the tap rooms of Yorkshire pubs as a child. She’s celebrating 50 years on the planet and over 30 years of releasing music. No wonder the years, and these festive songs, feel light and pleasurable.

Light Years positively resonates with joy to the world. Any crotchety, cobwebby, year-weary humbug that may be lingering ought to be firmly banished.


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