A Message from Kate in these Coronavirus Times…

I’m not going to start this with “in these unprecedented times….” I’m fed up of hearing that myself, we all know that bit now don’t we!!

Instead, I’m going to start it with the word HAPPY!!! Even just seeing it brings me a smile!! That’s another good word SMILE!!! Well, hello lovely people who have supported us over these years, old and young and all those in-between. I hope, with all I have, that this finds you as well as can be. If you’re like me, I keep swinging between “I’ve got this, whoop!” and then an hour later “ooh perhaps I haven’t!!” and then having a little tear. I think as humans we need that, we can’t avoid it, it’s what keeps us human right? It helps us establish the things, the people, the places that are so dear to us. Talk about it, let it come, let it out, then take a look out of the window and see nature doing her beautiful, magical work bringing our beautiful world out of its winter snooze. Find something every day to smile at. I think if we all understand we are all feeling fragile and nervous then we can go a long way to support each other!!

Now comes the bit where I’m meant to say, unfortunately, la la la……….! I’m not gunna say that bit either! I’m going to say… Know what? We have to re-schedule all our April and May gigs, but that’s ok, it’s to make sure you stay safe, so the people who work at the venues stay safe, so our band and crew stay safe and so we stay safe. We are, however, going to be sending out songs, videos, games, laughs, all that we can to keep your spirits up – and ours of course!! So please hook up with us on social media if you can, we can all get through this together. I have a head bursting with ideas for you all…he he!!!

And know what? We are working on new music, so maybe it’s a good thing these gigs have to be re-scheduled so you will see us play all that new stuff live, who wants to come this April and May anyway phah!! Not me!! He he he.

Re April/May gigs you may have booked for, please wait for the venues to contact you. We are working with each venue to reschedule all the concerts but as you can appreciate, it’s going to take a while for the staff to sort all their gigs, look after their audiences and all whilst trying to work from home etc, so it may take a little while for us all to get everything sorted. Please bear with them, remember they are most likely feeling fragile too.

A few years ago, I made an album called Make The Light. The title came from the saying “I can see the light at the end of the tunnel” and the fact that sometimes we have to make our own light, something lovely and precious to aim for. My light at the moment is the hug I’m going to give my mum and dad when it is safe to do so, oooh it’s going to be one of the best hugs ever given….and received!! That’s my light at the end of this tunnel. Make some light, aim for it, it’s going to be euphoric when we all get there. But remember we are all traveling together, we have each other.

I’ll sign off with a family/Yorkshire saying, which is “It’ll not alus be dark at 7” – (Translated from Yorkshire, “It won’t always be dark at 7) And it won’t. We will look back on this time and say, “wow we humans are amazing, we helped each other, we made each other smile” and who knows? We will most likely appreciate our fellow humans so much more!!

Sending love and warmth and please raise a glass to our incredible NHS staff.

Chin Up!!

From Kate and all the team at Pure Records.

PS please DO raise a glass to our incredible NHS staff.

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